Lesley Taylor

Western Mail

July, 2013

I want to refresh the décor in my living room. It’s quite a large space so can I get away with using warm colours?


I’m pleased to hear you’ve considered the size of the space in question. A lot of people make the mistake of choosing their favourite colour only to realise it’s too light or too dark for the room.


With space on your side, you can opt for darker shades and create a cosy feel by making the most of ‘warm’ colours such as deep reds, oranges and yellows. These hues will ‘advance’, giving the sense that the walls are closer than they actually are for a snug and inviting environment. To add to the effect and hide any lumps and bumps on uneven walls choose a matt paint.


With a large space it is also easier to experiment with pattern, so you may want to consider wallpaper, even if it is just applied to one wall. 


Just bear in mind that you will also need to consider how much daylight enters the room. Just because your living area is fairly large, the space can still look dark and gloomy if there isn’t enough light. If this is the case, introducing wallpaper to one wall can break up the décor and avoid you having four dark walls.


Can wooden shutters be used in the bathroom and if so, what styles and colours are best for a modern scheme?


Why not! Wooden shutters can give a bathroom a luxury, spa feel instantly.


For a modern twist, opt for ‘louver’ house shutters. They offer a clean, contemporary, eye catching alternative to dated blinds and curtains and can be adjusted to your needs with the use of a control rod. They’re incredibly easy to maintain too - simply wipe down with a wet cloth every now and again. Easy peasy!


In terms of suitable colours, you could opt for a neutral shade that would complement any design scheme should you wish to update your bathroom in the future, or if your bathroom is fairly plain, create a focal point by opt for shutters in a bold colour. 


I’m looking to update the lighting in my modern bathroom. It isn’t a very big space, so I can’t have anything too extravagant. What can you suggest?


I have good news for you - a bathroom doesn’t have to be big to look great and changing the lighting is a really easy way to update the space and transform it into a more pleasant and relaxing environment. It is often an area of design that gets forgotten, but it is actually a key part of creating the perfect ambience within any room.


Aside from obvious addition of down lights which won’t take up any valuable space, the inclusion of an illuminated mirror cabinet can offer multi benefits. If it is a modern design that you are after, then the new Schneider GRACELINE mirror cabinet is the ideal solution. The cabinet is made from an aluminium profile and is fitted with mirrored doors and fluorescent lighting. The clever design gives the perception of invisible lighting so that a glowing effect is produced from the mirror. The thing I love the most about this product though is the way that the colour of the lights can be changed to suit your mood, so you can select a bright shade such as yellow or green in the morning when you wake up, or a subtle shade of purple for a relaxing soak in the bath.


You may also be surprised at how much extra light a mirror brings into the room even if it doesn’t have a light fitting. The reflection from the glass will brighten up any space, making the room appear a lot larger than it actually is. It will also be a tidy hide-away for all your beauty essentials, keeping your bathroom clutter-free. With a small space it is usually quite hard to include a storage system, so I think this may be the answer to your problem.

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Interior Designer and member of the BIID Lesley Taylor is the Design Director of Taylor’s Etc based in Cardiff, 02920 358 400, www.taylorsetc.co.uk