Lesley Taylor

Western Mail

August, 2013

I’m looking to create a really feminine and glamorous boudoir bedroom, where I can seek some quiet time and relax. I’m not very creative, so do you have any tips on creating this sort of look?

This look is all about creating a luxurious and indulgent environment, but don’t panic, that doesn’t have to mean a hefty price tag! Glamorous accessories will need just as much thought as the decorating, so make a note of items you’ve seen on the high street and fold down pages in magazines for inspiration. Include glass perfume bottles, decorative mirrors and a chandelier in the centre of the room. Place a stylish chaise-lounge at the end of your bed or near a window for a sophisticated touch!

When it comes to deciding upon a colour scheme, you may wish to go for deep shades of purple and red to create a warm and romantic ambience. If space isn’t on your side, opt for lighter, pastel tones that will give the room a pretty, feminine look and will follow more of a vintage boudoir theme.

Pattern and texture are key ingredients for creating this look. Think about using wallpaper in the room- place it on the wall behind your bed to create a feature. Opt for a mixture of velvet and silk for cushions, bed linen and curtains to add depth to the space. If you have room to play with, opt for statement pieces of furniture, perhaps with a mirrored finish, or vintage designs.

We have space to incorporate an en-suite, but I like the idea of an open plan bedroom and bathroom scheme. My husband doesn’t think it’s practical. What would we need to consider?

Much to my delight, an increasing number of my clients now request open-plan bedroom/bathroom layouts. If a bathroom design is particularly inspiring, it would seem a shame to hide it behind closed doors!


To still have a feeling of privacy, yet allow the two areas to feel open plan, I would recommend installing a frosted glass screen, or putting in a partial wall that covers the area you need it to. This will still allow the room to have a continuous flow, whilst keeping it as functional as possible.

Ensure that the entire space follows the same décor and styling throughout to avoid a feeling of division. Make sure that the bathroom furniture and sanitaryware complements the bedroom furniture and vice versa, in fact, I would recommend purchasing it all at the same time. 


When it comes to decorating, settle for a colour scheme that you would be happy to have in both your bedroom and bathroom. Opt for an egg shell paint as it is resistant to steam and condensation. To help your open plan bedroom and bathroom scheme have the comfort of a living area, you may wish to apply wallpaper to certain walls of the room. This is fine as long as you use vinyl wallpaper, which will not become damaged from the moisture and can withstand splashes of water. Just ensure that it isn’t near the bath or shower.


If you want to incorporate a freestanding bath or wet room into the arrangement, the surrounding floor area must be tanked and tiled first. Also, adequate ventilation must be installed to avoid moisture build up and the settlement of mildew.


Everyone seems to be opting for wall-hung sanitaryware these days. Are there any benefits with opting for a wall-hung suite, compared to floor standing?


For those that are looking to incorporate a modern décor within their bathroom, wall-hung sanitaryware is definitely the answer. It provides a sleek appearance and enables the bathroom to feel spacious, open and uncluttered. However, it’s not to everyone’s tastes!

Wall-hung sanitaryware will keep valuable floor space free allowing additional storage to be incorporated, perhaps under a basin for example. A clear floor space can also allow a room to appear larger than it actually is so if your bathroom is compact, keep this trick in mind!

Wall-hung sanitaryware is also easier to keep clean- there’s no need to get down on your hands and knees to clean the base of the toilet or pedestal basin.

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Interior Designer and member of the BIID Lesley Taylor is the Design Director of Taylor’s Etc based in Cardiff, 02920 358 400, www.taylorsetc.co.uk