Lesley Taylor

Western Mail

August, 2013

I live in a rented property and would like to add an extra special touch to my bedroom, but I can’t put anything on the walls or decorate. Do you have any ideas how I can make a statement without upsetting my landlord?


When I read your question, I immediately thought of a large, decorative mirror to give your bedroom the ‘wow’ factor you are looking for. Don’t fear- a mirror doesn’t always have to be hung on the wall. Opt for a floor standing, oversized design that can be leaned against the wall. You will notice such a transformation without a screwdriver in sight! For a glamorous, vintage design check out The French Bedroom Company, I’m sure you will find just the thing to change your bland bedroom into a luxury boudoir!


There’s no need to stop there, why not change your curtains or blinds? As long as you keep the originals and put them back up if you move on to a different property, I shouldn’t think there would be a problem. Remember, the addition of a few simple accessories can also give your bedroom a fresh new look- invest in some scatter cushions and a new lampshade- again, just keep hold of the old one! 


I’m looking for ideas for a contemporary feature pendant lamp above the dining table. Have you got any favourites?


Firstly, if the dining room in question is currently being decorated, wait until you know exactly where the furniture is going before you hang any lights. Don’t assume the dining table will sit in the centre of the room as the addition of side-boards and other storage pieces will dictate the final position of the table and it may not end up where you originally thought it would. So if you want your feature pendant slap-bang in the middle of the table, hold off until everything else is in place.


To be honest with you, there are some beautiful designs to be found in high street stores that won’t require you to splash plenty of cash. Next always has a great selection to choose from that includes traditional chandeliers as well as funky, contemporary designs. If you are really looking to go all out, think about a Kartell or Flos pendant light, which really will make a statement in your dining room. 


I have recently moved in with my partner and we are running out of room for all of our clothes. We have a spare room, but we can’t fill this up with bulky storage as we regularly have guests come to stay. Can you recommend any smart storage ideas?


We are all guilty of going on a mammoth shopping spree, without sparing a thought for where our new purchases are going to live. When space isn’t on your side and your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, it’s time to think outside the box!


The good news is you have a spare room, so I would suggest investing in a bed with incorporated storage. This way, you will not be losing any extra floor space; your guests will still have a place to stay, and you will be able to keep all of your clothes organised.


Opt for a design where the mattress actually lifts up and clothes can be stored in the carcass of the bed. As your spare room isn’t going to be used all of the time, it won’t be a pain or inconvenience to access your clothes from here. Top of the list for this sort of design has to be Rossetto- www.rossetto.co.uk.

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Interior Designer and member of the BIID Lesley Taylor is the Design Director of Taylor’s Etc based in Cardiff, 02920 358 400, www.taylorsetc.co.uk