Lesley Taylor

Western Mail

August, 2013

Our dining room is a bit of an awkward space with two doorways, so we can’t have a big table all of the time, but we love to entertain. Where shall we look for an extendable design? 


There’s nothing worse than having to squeeze past a large item of furniture every time you enter a room. Oversized furniture can look great if you have space to play with, but if you haven’t it can make a room feel small and cramped, so you are definitely doing the right thing in opting for an extendable design.


The good news is that you won’t struggle to find a table that you like, as there are plenty to choose from on the high street whether you want traditional, contemporary, round or square. Think about the shape that will be most suitable in accordance to the shape of the room. Check out department stores including John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and Debenhams or for something a bit different head to Heals.


Is wooden flooring in the bathroom a bad idea?


Certainly not, wooden flooring can be a great addition to the bathroom, especially in period homes and where a classic style is required. Real wood offers natural warmth that can give a space depth. It can also have a soothing effect, so perfect if you want your bathroom to be a comfortable and relaxing retreat where you can truly indulge and forget about the stresses of the day.


Stay well away from veneer and laminates. Due to the composition of these materials, wetness and damp can often cause them to expand and split. With a real wood, this won’t happen (provided it is properly sealed and oiled). Often, people assume that wood isn’t an ideal choice for a bathroom and that it won’t withstand daily splashes. This simply isn’t true; Teak for instance is commonly used to deck boats. It’s strong and very durable so a really good option if you do decide to choose wood. Just check with the supplier you are buying from that is suitable before you make your purchase.


Alternatively, why not opt for porcelain wood-effect tiles that are highly durable, long-lasting and are ideal for a bathroom or wetroom. This way you won’t have any fear of the flooring becoming damaged due to water splashes or condensation.


I’m looking to create a ‘wow’ factor feature wall in my open plan living space. I’ve thought about paint and wallpaper, but should I be more adventurous and try something else?


I definitely think you should be adventurous and try something new, after all; life’s far too short not to experiment. Have you thought about using tiles? This can be a great way to add depth and texture to the space and create a décor that is truly unique!  


While block colour painted walls and patterned wallpaper can often have a really effective finish, you should look to create something extra special. Tiles of a 3D effect that appear to enter the room as opposed to being fitted flush against the wall create an interesting focal point such as the ‘Contemporary Rocks’ range from Taylor’s Etc. These would look great when used to accent a chimney breast.

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Interior Designer and member of the BIID Lesley Taylor is the Design Director of Taylor’s Etc based in Cardiff, 02920 358 400, www.taylorsetc.co.uk