Autumn Revamp

As featured in The Evening Post Column

August, 2013

It pains me to say it, but autumn is just around the corner. It will soon be time to say goodbye to our flip-flops and maxi dresses for another year and replace evenings of alfresco dining with cosy nights curled up in front of the TV. We can’t complain though, after all, the weather has been kind to us this summer. The thing is we’ve been spending so much time outside and so little time inside that our homes could be in need of a little TLC. Whilst I’m sure you’ve been keeping your garden in tip-top condition over the summer (any excuse to catch a few rays!), your home may be looking a little tired in places and the jobs you’ve been meaning to do have been put off whilst you’ve been soaking up the sun! Well, let’s run through a few quick and affordable ways that you can give each room of your home a bit of a revamp. Now that you’re going to be spending more time inside, you want it to be looking its best!


Let’s start with the hallway. This can always be a bit of a chaotic part of the home with shoes, bags, umbrella’s and goodness knows what else lying around! It’s easy to just throw your stuff down as soon as you walk through the door, but this doesn’t create a good first impression of your home. Try to get this space as organised as you can. There are some fantastic coat racks and umbrella stands on the market ranging from vintage designs to really contemporary models, which are not only practical, but really add to the décor of your hallway.


With so much passing traffic, the hallway is the one area of the home that is likely to tire most quickly. If your walls are looking a little scuffed, give them a new lease of life with a lick of paint. This won’t cost the earth or take up too much of your time to do. You may also want to think about quirky little features that you can include that make a bold impression- how about painting your stairs, or fitting a stair runner to really brighten up the space?


Moving onto the kitchen, there are a few updates you can do in here too. If your cabinets are looking a little dated, think about replacing the handles. You may think that it won’t make much of a difference, but believe me, it will! If you’re looking for a bit of a larger project, dependent on the style of your kitchen, re-painting the doors could be another option. Look to see whether you have any grease marks on the ceiling as removing these can brighten up the room instantly. Try to remove them using sugar soap and then apply a fresh coat of paint if you need to.


If your kitchen includes a dining table you could re-upholster the chairs, or if its wooden, you may want to sand it down and repaint it for a fresh new look.


The bathroom is similar to the kitchen in the sense that in order to give the room a complete revamp it can be an extremely costly and lengthy process. But there are still small changes you can do in the meantime. Give your tiles a rigorous clean so that they sparkle as if they were new and ensure the grout lines are free of soap-scum and mould and remove lime scale from taps and shower heads. Try to keep this space as clutter-free as you can, so if you haven’t got adequate storage in place, think about wall-hung modular furniture or a mirrored cabinet over the basin to help keep the room neat and tidy, without taking up valuable floor space.


When it comes to your living area and bedrooms, it is easiest to make your changes here. Replacing your cushions and curtains and buying a new rug can make all the difference and can really help to brighten up a space and add texture and depth. If you have a neutral décor in place a few colourful accessories will avoid the space from looking bland and uninspired. To suit the autumn season, greys and burnt oranges are both ideal colour choices.


Try to make a focal point in each of these rooms, whether it is in the form of a statement piece of furniture, or a decorative mirror on the fireplace. Think about changing around the layout of these rooms if the space is available. Simply swapping the armchair and the sofa around can completely change the dynamics of a space.


Feeling inspired yet? Refreshing our homes doesn’t have to cost a fortune, or take up a lot of time. A few nice little touches here and there can really make an impact. Go on; give your home a little TLC.


Credit for outside Wales - Lesley Taylor is an Interior Designer, Author and full member of the BIID.


Credit for Wales and Bristol – Interior Designer and member of the BIID Lesley Taylor is the Design Director of Taylor’s Etc based in Cardiff, telephone number 02920 358 400, web address

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