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Lesley Taylor : Interior Design Books

Read up on the art of interior design inspiration with guidance and advice from Lesley Taylor herself.

Available to purchase in leading book shops and online.

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Bathrooms By Lesley Taylor
interior design book on bathrooms

 This interior design book shows how to avoid costly mistakes, and how to design and decorate a bathroom that will suit your needs, whatever your budget. All aspects of design are discussed, from choice of styles and the importance of colour, to the selection of floor coverings, fixtures, fabrics and accessories.

Design & Decorate

Bedrooms By Lesley Taylor
interior design book on bedrooms

 In this interior design book the author focuses on the importance of selecting colours and furnishings to achieve a personal touch that will suit all styles and tastes. Practical decorating tips, paint effects and window treatments are included as well as important details, such as bedlinen, storage and lighting.

Design & Decorate

Colour Schemes By Lesley Taylor
interior design book on colour schemes

Whether you are decorating an entire house from scratch or simply revamping a room, you will find this interior design book packed with inspiration and practical advice. It includes easy-to-understand information on how and why colour works, the importance of tone and mixing colour successfully.

Design & Decorate

Kitchens By Lesley Taylor
interior design book on kitchens

This interior design book shows how to design a kitchen to suit your needs and tastes, as well as suggesting makeovers for your existing space. It contains essential information on layout and planning, and choosing suitable fixtures, as well as safety information on plumbing and electrics.

Design & Decorate

Living Rooms By Lesley Taylor
interior design book on living rooms

This interior design book has tips and inspirational ideas for revamping the living room to ensure that you achieve the look and atmosphere you want. It also contains useful information on working within the room’s shape and size and includes inexpensive ideas for improving existing furniture.

Design & Decorate

Inside Colour By Lesley Taylor
interior design book on inside colour

Mix and match patterns with panache, select colours with flair, and style a home that stands out! From wallpaper and paint to fabric design, this brilliant, photo-packed guide explains the basic principles of using colour and pattern, and creating decorating schemes for a vibrant house. Room by room, see the many ways to add texture; work with geometric prints; and achieve a harmonious combination of hues. Marvellous themed decorating ideas display a range of interiors, including contemporary, classical, Scandinavian, and Oriental. 160 pages (all in colour).